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3E 360 Insight
Leadership Assessment

3E prides itself on our dedication to the holistic leader development of our clients and uses a custom 360 Insight Leadership Assessment to provide further understanding into a leader's abilities.

Leadership Competencies


Critical to this continual development process is the self-awareness to encourage leaders at all levels to systematically seek feedback from supervisors, peers, and direct reports. Awareness of the self is the essence of reflective learning. Self-awareness is having an accurate perception of how others perceive you.

When our self-awareness is high, a comparison is activated between how we think of ourselves versus how other people see us. Highly self-aware individuals have a more accurate perception of how others perceive them.

Through the lens of multirater
feedback, the characteristics of an ideal leader become more clearly focused. 

Historically, leader development programs have given individuals feedback through top-down feedback of periodic evaluations painting only part of the picture. 


Given what we know about the motivational aspects of self-awareness for improvement, your organization working with 3E has a rich opportunity to enhance leader development by providing tools to give us a more accurate and arguably more honest reflection of our strengths and weaknesses. 


Our custom-tailored assessment and report will dive into leadership competencies using multirater feedback spurring candid discussions with your 3E leadership coach on strengths and limitations.


Leaders will provide a list of names of superiors, peers, direct reports, and if applicable, clients. 3E will send an assessment with a custom link and password to each of the raters.


The assessment consists of nearly 100 quantitative and qualitative questions with opportunities for direct feedback. After all raters have completed the assessment, an evaluative, non judgemental report is created offering an honest evaluation of strengths and limitations.


Leaders and their coach will review and set goals to improve productivity and performance.

“Effective leaders with a full understanding of their 360° are strategic and creative thinkers, builders of teams, competent and professional, effective managers, and diplomats. Self-awareness lays the bedrock essential to developing these multiple skills of effective leaders.”

-3E Leadership Group

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